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hologram rainbow fragile breakable paper

Hologram fragile breakable paper

Fragile UDV label paper
Destructible vinyl material,Breakable fragile label material
Vinly destructible Eggshell paper roll
Face weight:100micron±5%
Basic weight:160gsm±5%
Initial track adhesive:Middle
Final adhesion:High
Temperature range:5-40℃
Thickness:80micron±5%(Glassine)  180micron±(white coated)
The destructive material will be broken into pieces once being moved.
The material can be manufactured into easiest destructible,Medium destructible and heard destructible materialaccoding to customer`s need.
We have bright white,matt,red,glue color,size,thickness and destructible effect can be customized.
The smooth surface is suitable for printing process.
Resist for aging and high temperature,No crack and no discoloration.
Strong waterproof adhesive provides high bond and excellent destructibility on most substrated,Including metals,power coated surface and plastic,Including many low energy surface material.

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